project based learning

Project based learning can be a great experience for students to engage with content, collaborate with other students and experts, and acquire nessary skills for school AND life. If you are new to PBL consider starting slowly and going deeper as you are able to develop the skills necessary to juggle all that is involved in implementing PBL. Below are some excellent resources and videos (as noted with the clapboard) to help you get started.

20 Tips for Managing Project-Based Learning
Andrew Miller shares his top 20 tips on managing PBL. For more of his writings, check out his blog (link at bottom of article).

21st Century Elementary Schools
Bob Pearlman shares a variety of videos from several innovative elemetnary PBL schools.

464 Digital Learning Tools to Sift Trhough on a Rainy Day
If you are a PBL teacher, you should check out this list of resources. You'll have plenty of great ideas of how you can use them with your students regardless of the focus of your PBL.

7 Reasons to Use Contracts in a PBL Classroom + Tips for Use
Ginger Lewman gives great advice and samples regarding using contracts with your students.

8 Essentials for Project-Based Learning
From BIE's PBL 101, this article defines each of the 8 essential parts of a model PBL experience. Great article as a foundational read.

8 Project-Based Learning Videos By Students
Besides giving several sample videos from his high school students, John Hardison gives a few tips for projects and presentations.

An Introduction to Project-Based Learning
In this hands-on approach to teaching, students create schoolwork that demonstrates core subject knowledge. For more information and resources on project-based learning, visit

This online learning module by Pacific Crest goes in depth to help you understand what assessment is (and isn't), and what it can look like.

Buck Institute for Education
Known as the premiere leader in project based learning design, the Buck Institute has tons of resources, a repository of projects that people have submitted, videos, tools to download, and research.

Changing Education Paradigms
This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA's Benjamin Franklin award. For more information on Sir Ken's work visit:

Combining 21st Century Skills, PBL, and iPads
Wesley Fryer's blog entry from a session he attending at the 2012 Mobile Learning Conference.

Critiquing Student Projects
Article from the University of Washington regarding critiquing student work. Easy read with helpful information.

Driving Questions
BIE helps clarify what a driving question is and its purpose, how to write one, and how to implement in project based learning. [52:21]

eBook Creation Software
Take a look at Wikipedia's list of ebook creation software and consider having students develop an epub during your next PBL experience.

Educator's PLN - PBL
Nice online forum to meet with other PBL educators to share and learn from each other.

Edutopia's PBL Group
With more than 4,500 members, this PBL group is a great place to ask your questions and find out what others are doing to implement PBL in their classrooms and schools.

Edutopia's PBL Video Library
Tons of videos related to PBL.

Entry Event Videos [YouTube]
Lots of videos to give you ideas of what others have done as entry events.

Feedback, feed-forward, peer-assessment and project-based learning
Bianca Hewes shares how feedback/assessment a critical role in PBL. She cites many resources along the way to add to your benefit of her post.

Five-Year-Olds Pilot Their Own Project-Based Learning
At this award-winning kindergarten learning center, shared with a special education preschool, the students decide what projects they want to tackle, and teachers guide them to resources, on the Internet and in books, that help them create something from what they learn. Whether they're building an airplane or a cruise ship, or conducting a funeral for the class praying mantis, AEEC students are learning more than basic facts and skills. They are acquiring a taste for the process of lifelong learning.

Free material to download and used…created by BIE.

Ginger Lewman's Diigo Library for PBL
Take a look at Ginger's bookmarks for PBL to get a head start on building your resources for you and your students as you implement PBL in your classroom.

How to Refine Driving Questions for Effective Project-Based Learning
Great driving questions can be hard to write. In this article, Andrew Miller shares some tips to make it easier for you…and even gives some before/after examples.

How to Turn Current Events into Real-world Projects
Suzie Boss shares practical ideas that can help you and your students develop some very relevant and meaningful PBL lessons.

Is Your School or District Ready for PBL? 12 Deep Changes Needed for Implementation
Robinson shares 12 areas that must be considered in order to make a lasting and deep change with PBL. Great article to read as a discussion starter!

Mapping Your Project
This document shares extensive checklists to help you as you plan your project. It is broken down into 4 sections: prior to starting your project, after starting, before ending your project, and after ending your project.

Mrs. O's PBL Resources
A variety of resources listed…many related to science and/or nature.

PBL - Better with Practice
Part of Classroom 2.0, this group discusses the practice of PBL and how to get the most out of it.

PBL Checklists shares many checklists and has them grouped by grade level and content (writing, science, oral presentation, and multimedia).

PBL Lansing 2011
In this video, students share their definition of project based learning and define each section.

PBL Lesson Plans, Examples & Templates
Search through and review a variety of lesson plans, examples, and templates in your quest to design the perfect PBL.

PBL via Thinklink
Digialsandbox1 shares his graphic of project-based learning which includes several different items beyond the BIE model.

PBL: Explained
The Buck Institute for Education commissioned the cutting-edge advertising agency, Common Craft, to create a short animated video that explains in clear language the essential elements of Project Based Learning (PBL).

PBL? Am I doing it right?
Peter Skillen shares a graphic that helps you put your finger on several ky factors that are involved with PBL…a continuum for each factor in which you can ponder to consider where you happen to be at the moment.

This site has resources to assist you in implementing and managing your PBL. Target audience: middle and high school.

Take this series of online classes to sharpen your PBL skills…for FREE! Designed by BIE, these classes will help you understand how to implement PBL effectively with your students.

Practical Tips for Mobile Learning in the PBL Classroom
If you are jumping into PBL and your school is also implmenting BYOD, you might want to read this article by Andrew Miller. He offers some tips to help you inegrate mobile devices that kids may be bringing to your classroom.

Products for Multiple Intelligences
This PDF list is a great resource of all the types of products that students can create. Page 2 of the document has the products categorized by Gardners MI.

Project Based Learning Resources
Bruce shares a list of helpful resources that you can use to help you in your PBL journey.

Project Based Learning with Edmodo
Learn how Edmodo can be used as an effective medium for you to use with your students and how it can support your PBL activities and goals.

Ron Berger on the Power of Critique
Excellent video showing how powerful and effective critiquing can be when done right.

Teaching Critical Thinking Skills Through Project Based Learning
This article is from the BIE man himself, John Mergendoller, and lays out the benefit of project based learning for our kids.

The PBL Super Highway…Over 45 Links to great Project Based Learning
Michael Gorman shares a nice list of resources for anyone interested in PBL. He also includes PBL idea generators and sites that offer challenges and competitions!

Want Better Project-Based Learning? Use Social and Emotional Learning
Thom Markham shares three steps to help get the most out of PBL.

West Virginia Dept. of Ed - PBL Lessons
Search by content area and grade level to find PBL lessons…each with supporting documents.

What is the diffence between assessment and evaluation?
Summary chart and definition of assessment and evaluation. When doing PBL be sure you know the difference.

What Makes a Good Project (and 2 other articles by Dr. Gary Stager)
Gary discusses 8 elements to guide great project design as well as developing projects that endure.